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The Manchester Parish Council in collaboration with the Parish Health Department will on Monday, June 9 host a four-hour seminar, at the Cecil Charlton Hall to update persons providing beauty services on the public health regulations.
The seminar, which is slated to start at 8:30 a.m., will see presenters highlighting the importance of operators of barber shops and beauty salons adhering to the regulations of the local Board of Health. It will also seek to inform the public of dangers associated with places that are unlicensed, and help those in the business to develop client relations skills.
Following the seminar, a 30-day period will be given to operators who are not licensed to do so. Failure to comply will result in the Health Department issuing notices for closures and possible court summons for breach of the Public Health Order.
Security Manager at the Manchester Parish Council, Winston Palmer, told JIS News that the Council is ensuring that the health of the public is not compromised by persons not operating according to the regulations.
“The Manchester Parish Council is the local Board of Health, and it is our responsibility to ensure that people such as barbers, beauty technicians and hair dressers receive regular update on the public health regulations and have those not registered receive the requisite certification. Persons using these salons should look for signs which indicate that the operators are certified by the Council, in doing so they will help us to have everyone operate properly,” Mr. Palmer stated.

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