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Plans are well advanced in the parish of Manchester for the celebration of National Senior Citizens Week, which will be observed from September 14 to 20, under the theme: ‘Promoting quality of life for an ageing society’.
Parish Organiser of the National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC), Vinella Tomlinson, explained that although the week would begin officially on September 14, a decision was taken to commence one day earlier.
“We will be having a senior’s day on the 13th at the Knockpatrick Seventh Day Adventist Church. This will be followed the next day by an ecumenical service at the Jamaica Evangelistic Centre in Mandeville,” she said.
The Parish Organiser also outlined some other activities to be undertaken during the week.
“On Monday we conduct some shut-in visits, then on Tuesday, we are off to the regional awards function which will be held in May Pen. On Thursday, our senior club will be going to do some work at the Hanbury Children’s Home at Kendal, and our main event is the annual Fun Day to be held on Thursday the 25th at Kirkvine sports club,” she said.
Mrs. Tomlinson pointed out that for the second year running, Manchester would be hosting the National Awards Ceremony at Northern Caribbean University (NCU).
“Three additional activities, which should be noted, include the observance of the National Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 28 throughout the parish; the senior citizens national sports day, which will be held at G.C. Foster on Wednesday, October 1; and the staging of a wellness clinic, in collaboration with the Manchester Health Department, on October 16 at Grace Temple Apostolic Church in Chudleigh,” she informed.
Mrs. Tomlinson emphasised that contrary to what some people might believe, senior citizens had much to offer the Jamaican society.
“They possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of life.and all one has to do is to have a conversation with some of the older persons to learn something that is really eye opening,” she said.
Mrs. Tomlinson urged young persons to respect the elderly and to care for them.
“I would say to young people, whenever you come in contact with the seniors or if you live with them at home, treat them with as much respect as possible.They have so many good values to pass on to us,” she said.

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