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Forty-eight groups of farmers in St. Elizabeth and approximately 60 groups from Manchester, are looking forward to the Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show, to be held from July 30 to August 1.
“St. Elizabeth is gearing up for Denbigh.. looking forward to putting out the best display we can,” Second Vice President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Kingsley Clarke told JIS News.
Meanwhile, Parish Manager for the JAS in Manchester, Neville Burrell noted, “despite the devastating effects of Hurricanes Dennis and Emily, the numerous bush fires associated with periods of drought, and recurring floods, the farmers in Manchester are still looking forward to go to Denbigh”.
“While the Parish Pavilion Competition will not be held this year, preparations are currently on the way for the parish display,” he informed, adding that produce such as melons and tomatoes would be in abundance. However yams and sweet potatoes will be available to a lesser extent.
He expressed concerns over the lack of honey, which he claimed had been “almost wiped out”, as a result of bush fires.
In St. Elizabeth, vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli will not be available from farmers this year. Parish Manager for the St. Elizabeth branch of the JAS, Marcia Murray said “we have been set back significantly, some crops are still under water and some are fading as we speak”.
She added that while it was too early to tell what types of produce would be coming from St. Elizabeth, the farmers were preparing to participate in the show next weekend.
Mrs. Murray is however excited about a hydroponic tomato display which farmers in the parish are currently working on for Denbigh 2005.

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