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A new management team has been put in place to ramp up the monitoring of the coronavirus (COVID-19) resilient corridor, which confines the movement of visitors to the northern end of the island, in keeping with the phased reopening of the tourism sector.

This was announced by Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, who said the team will be led by Executive Director, Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo), Dr. Andrew Spencer; and Executive Director, Chukka Caribbean Adventures, John Byles.

“That team will be responsible for tightening up the arrangements within the corridor, so that we could not only fulfil the obligations that our protocols are requiring but also to ensure the order that establishes the corridor can be understood by everybody and complied with by all,” he said during a virtual press conference at Jamaica House on Monday (June 29).

The COVID-19 resilient corridor forms part of the Government’s five-point recovery strategy, which has been established to guide the reopening of the industry.

The corridor runs from Negril through to Port Antonio along the coast and embraces all activities within that area. It is a manageable corridor that has easy access, which enables the tracing of visitors and containment of their movement.

The infrastructure along that stretch is suited for the management of COVID-19, in the event a visitor to the island starts displaying symptoms of the virus.

In the meantime, Minister Bartlett informed that tourism partners have responded well to the phased reopening of the sector.

“The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) will be working with our partners so that they understand the way in which we are managing this whole process and, most importantly, algorithms that are guiding the management that are clear, that people can follow and understand why we do what we do,” he said.

Minister Bartlett also informed that “just a little over 5,000 visitors and Jamaican nationals who are living overseas came to our shores during this first two weeks” of the sector’s reopening.

Kingston, which caters to business tourism, and the south coast will be incorporated in the second phase of the reopening process.

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