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Parents and guardians attending the Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show in May Pen, Clarendon from July 30 to August 1, will find an even bigger and exciting entertainment package for their charges at the new and improved ‘Kiddies Village’.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Lawrence Madden tells JIS News that although the show has always had activities for children, far more emphasis is being paid to enhancing the family experience this year. “The interaction will be very high and I am very curious myself to see,” Mr. Madden says.
“There have always been activities at Denbigh for children but we wanted to enhance them and emphasise the importance of having fun and games as a family. A lot of persons are stressed from day-to-day activities and these pastimes can really relieve some of the tension,” he points out.
He says the child entertainment centre serves mainly to encourage activities for families and children. He informs that the move to improve the events for children is also spurred by calls from patrons attending last year’s show for more offerings and interactive fun and games for their children that also allow them to participate. Of note is the fact that based on the number of children tickets sold, they account for almost 50 per cent of the patrons at Denbigh yearly.
The improved fun and games centre, which is being sponsored by Party King and Crazy Jim Ice Cream, will feature inflatable powered rides, water slides, simulator rides, a mechanical bull and myriad computer related games and edible treats. Parents, he says will also have the option of leaving their charges in the village to visit other booths, but at their discretion.
“It’s really to encourage activities for families and children. When you go to Denbigh it offers so many experiences for so many people and we want to enhance the family experience. It’s a whole day (affair), so we have to really cater to creating a family experience,” Mr. Madden says.
The CEO is also encouraging individuals to attend the show. “I would really want to encourage persons to come out to Denbigh to see how Jamaican farmers and the farm families and rural people have bounced back despite all the devastation the farmers have faced and how resilient this group of entrepreneurs are, and to really tour the parish pavilion,” he adds.
He also notes that there will be a number of features for families with emphasis on health issues.Mr. Madden points out that Hurricane Ivan devastated Denbigh last September and with further damage from hurricanes Dennis and Emily this July, efforts were made to bring the facility up to a high level of fitness for the upcoming show and more will be done over the long-term to enable a “continuous plethora of activities for families in Jamaica”.
The show will be staged under the theme: ‘Grow What We Eat and Eat What We Grow’, in recognition of the year-long ‘Eat Jamaican’ campaign, conceptualized and launched by the JAS in 2003.