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The Health Sector has received more than J$273 million to date for financing hurricane reconstruction efforts, Minister of Health John Junor informed the Houses of Representative during his 2005/06 Sectoral Debate presentation on Wednesday, May 11.
Minister Junor said the health sector suffered significant loss from the effects of Hurricane Ivan when 21 of the island’s 24 hospitals were damaged.”Annotto Bay, Black River and Percy Junor were badly damaged, with repairs estimated in the region of $50 million. Of the 343 health centres, 128 were affected and some could only provide limited service,” the Minister said. He pointed out that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provided a grant of $70 million for the reconstruction and recovery effort of these primary care facilities.
The Culture Health Art Sports and Education (CHASE) Fund, the Minister further informed contributed J$25.5 million towards the rehabilitation of the Annotto Bay Hospital, while the National Health Fund (NHF) provided over J$118 million for repairs to this and other secondary care facilities, including Black River, and Percy Junor.
Minister Junor noted that recently the Jamaica Stock Exchange contributed J$3 million for rehabilitation of the roof of the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre.
“We must also thank Cable and Wireless Jamaica and the Capital and Credit Merchant Bank for donations of generators to the National Blood Transfusion Service at Slipe Road and National Chest hospital and the Sir John Golding Centre,” the Minister said. He also expressed appreciation to the Bank of Nova Scotia, which he said has consistently contributed to health by building and maintaining the Accident and Emergency Units in a number of hospitals.
The Indian government has also contributed a supply of pharmaceuticals to the relief effort valued at J$12 million.

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