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The Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ), has redoubled its effort to establish the country as a maritime centre, and to develop the Jamaica Ship Registry (JSR) as a player in the international market.
Last week the MAJ hosted its Deputy Registrars from around the world at a retreat to highlight and discuss the challenges being experienced in securing registrations for the Jamaica Ship Registry.
The two-day retreat, which was held at the Courtleigh Hotel in Kingston, also saw the registrars brainstorming viable strategies for marketing the ship registry internationally.
In October 2001, the Jamaica Ship Registry was launched in Jamaica, Oslo, Greece, Hong Kong/Singapore and New York. These simultaneous launches were intended to introduce the JSR to ship owners and other maritime interests as a viable registry, ultimately leading to registrations of vessels under the Jamaican flag.As part of its marketing effort, and to address the need for an on-going presence in the markets, the MAJ appointed Deputy Registrars who would serve to market the JSR, as well as carry out the services that ship owners expect of a registry.
“The main force of our marketing is through our representatives in the various shipping centres, because they are the people who are dealing daily with ship owners and the people who are influencing decisions concerning the selection of the flag,” Alec Crawford, the JSR’s International Marketing Director told JIS News.Deputy Registrars have been appointed in Rotterdam, Monaco, Greece, Malta, and Germany and these representatives target the international ship-owning community.
Mr. Crawford, who is responsible for co-ordinating the work of the registrars, told JIS News that the retreat should refine the way the JSR is marketed.Marketing a ship registry is a “very competitive business as there are approximately 96 ship registries around the world”, the JSR’s London-based Marketing Director pointed out.
“Ship owners are conservative people and if they are using one particular register, they need convincing as to why they should change, and so it’s not something that can be done quickly. It is a question of building up the confidence of the owner with personal relationships and eventually convincing them that a change is good. Cost is not a major factor in ship registration, it is primarily the service, which is provided and that’s why the MAJ has concentrated so strongly on service aspects in order to satisfy very demanding ship owners,” Mr. Crawford added.Despite the competitiveness of the sector, the Marketing Director is of the view that Jamaica could reap good success in the future.
“I think, without any doubt, the JSR is rated as being a high-quality ship register, but we are young. We’ve only been in existence for four years and some other registers have taken 10 years to develop a basis on which they have built up their tonnage. We already have some good tonnage and I am confident that with the efforts that we are putting together.we will be in a very good position to go ahead with a positive marketing and gain further tonnage for the registry,” Mr. Crawford told JIS News.
The JSR offers its clients a wide range of registration options, including provisional and single voyage registration, permanent registration, bareboat charter, ships under construction, mortgage registration, and yacht registration. It is also unique in offering its customers 24-hour accessibility and ease of registration via the Internet.
The JSR’s website, www.jamaicaships.com offers all ship owners a secure and user-friendly system for online registration of name, provisional vessel registration application, mortgage recording and related activities.

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