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Three hundred local, regional and international investors are expected to converge on Kingston for a major business investment forum to be hosted by Prime Minister P.J. Patterson. Some 140 investors have already confirmed their attendance at the forum which will be held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston on Thursday, February 23.
Included in the activities for the investment forum will be the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the government and investors who will be involved in the development of the Harmony Cove Resort in Trelawny.
The forum is the brainchild of the Prime Minister and is designed to sensitize investors to the wealth of investment opportunities available in Jamaica, as well as reposition the country as a preferred business and trading partner. It will also inform investors of the direct benefits to be derived from investment initiatives including increased employment, improved market access as well as linkages and supply chain opportunities.
The focus will be on five sectors of the economy that are outlined in the National Industrial Policy namely manufacturing, tourism, infrastructure, bauxite & mining as well as ICT and agri-business. Included in the forum is a panel discussion involving an overview of the performance of each sector and highlights the main investment projects that have been undertaken. On their arrival at the investment forum participants will be treated to a colourful display of Jamaica’s successes at attracting investments in various industries and the resulting businesses that have been developed.
The main objectives of the business investment forum include instilling confidence in the business community and the public about the country’s economic prospects. It will also provide an opportunity for showcasing Kingston as a business destination.
The country is expected to enjoy significant exposure in the international media based on the number of foreign journalists who will cover the event, as well as through the production of a video on Jamaica by Epic Newsgroup of the USA. The video will be broadcast for one year on some of the best-known networks in the US including CNN, ABC, CBC and MSNBC. In addition, it will be aired on major airlines and cruise ships.

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