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The Jamaica Local Organising Committee (LOC) for Cricket World Cup 2007, is geared to launch its ‘Jamaica Proudly Hosting’ Campaign on December 30 and 31, at the waterfront in downtown Kingston.
The launch will be done in collaboration with the Urban Development Corporation (UDC), at the annual New Year’s Eve spectacle, ‘Fireworks on the Waterfront’.
Executive Director of the Jamaica LOC, Robert Bryan explained that hosting the event in downtown Kingston was part of a deliberate strategy to support the area. “We see the city of Kingston playing a crucial role in the hosting of this mega event,” he said.
He was addressing members of the media as well as stakeholders at a press briefing hosted at the offices of Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) on Trafalgar Road in Kingston on November 28.
“It is the platform to assist with urban re-generation and the redevelopment of downtown Kingston. We stick by this perspective,” he stressed, adding that he was confident that the beautification activities would be completed in time for the event.
Indeed, the decision to have the event at the location builds on the commitment by the Jamaica LOC, as it opened the official ticket offices in the Kingston Mall earlier this year.
Giving a preview of the campaign, Mr. Bryan said that television advertisements, the campaign song, the official launch of the opening ceremony as well as other elements would be unveiled, such as a ‘Jamaica Proudly Hosting’ official pin, which comprises the Jamaican flag in association with the event logo.
“It is our intention that this pin will become a symbol of pride which all Jamaicans at home and abroad will wear with pride and also it will [signify] their attachment and ownership of our [LOC] hosting activities,” he said.
While pointing out that the pins would be sold to recover the cost, Mr. Bryan also appealed to corporate Jamaica to buy the pins and donate them to staff and schools as their contribution to this national effort.

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