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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security’s Labour Management Information System (LMIS) held a labour market seminar, under the theme ‘Preparing our nation for the world of work’, Thursday (January13) at the Ministry.

LMIS Director of Research and Analysis, Dawn Ellis Francis, noted that the seminar was relevant in the context of Jamaica’s high unemployment rate.

“There is also high unemployment among our women and youth. Consequently, a holistic approach has to be taken, and that is why we are looking at post secondary education and not just the tertiary level,” Mrs. Ellis Francis said.

She added that LMIS assumes even more importance at a time when the country is facing economic challenges, as it plays a role in ensuring that employers get the quality employees that they require.

“Two issues which need to be looked at in order to address this, are the employability skills of the output of our education system and low productivity,” Mrs. Ellis Francis said.

“Educational Institutions should place emphasis on developing a culture of high productivity, as Jamaica’s productivity levels have been steadily declining since the 1960’s and are lower than all of its trading partners, including those in CARICOM,” she added.

She also stated that, if Jamaica is to develop economically and socially, its labour market issues have to be addressed.

“In order for this to happen, the efficiency and effectiveness of the local market has to be addressed. In order for this to be achieved, human capital development has to be addressed in an organised and systematic way,” she stated.

Some of the topics discussed at the seminar included: occupational analysis; employment skills; partnership in vocational training; and labour market trends and demand.

LMIS provides a one-stop data and information source, and as well as a job search and placement facility.  Data takes the form of text, graphs, charts, and actual data sets.  The system allows users to manipulate the data and generate reports, trend analysis, cross referencing and projections. 

The benefits are expected to include quick and easy access to a wide range of labour market data and information. In addition, LMIS will provide an efficient job matching service, by virtue of quick access to a large pool of potential employees and employers.

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