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A five-member committee has been formed in Linstead, St. Catherine to plan business strategies, so that residents in that town can capitalize on opportunities which will result from the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.
Addressing a Cricket World Cup community meeting at the St. Helens Catholic Church Hall in Linstead on July 20, Field Services Manager for the Social Development Commission (SDC) in St. Catherine, Andrea King, said that the committee would assist in the planning and preparation of business strategies as well as mobilize commercial entities in the Linstead development area.
“We need to initiate the planning process through a co-ordinated approach and with a focused effort, so as to seize the many opportunities that will present themselves through the staging of Cricket World Cup 2007,” she said.
Miss King pointed out that residents could take advantage of business opportunities as locals and visitors travelled along the Linstead bypass to match venues in Trelawny and at Sabina Park in Kingston.Several business initiatives highlighted during the meeting were the creation of a jerk centre, the marketing of ackee dishes and the promotion of the Linstead market.
Corporal Henry Manhertz of the St. Catherine Police Community Relations Division, said that the Linstead market, highlighted in the popular folk song, ‘Linstead Market’, could be promoted as a shopping venue for visitors.
“It is a very popular marketplace to shop. We could streamline it and make it a place where visitors would want to come and tour operators would take visitors,” he added. He added that the Police were currently re-examining security arrangements at the market to ensure the safety of consumers.
Jamaica has been awarded the ‘Yellow Package’ of the Cricket World Cup, which means that the country will host warm-up matches, the opening ceremony and stage six first-round matches as well as a semi-final match at Sabina Park.

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