Lime Hall Road Re-Opens Following Repairs

The Lime Hall road in St. Ann is now open to vehicular traffic, as a result of extensive repair and rehabilitation work carried out by the National Works Agency (NWA) at a cost of some $40 million.
A major breakaway, resulting from flooding, had made the roadway impassable, and was subsequently closed by the NWA to facilitate repairs.
Motorists and residents have expressed pleasure at the work done. “I must say that it was really in a deplorable condition with the massive breakaway and all that, but today I don’t mind travelling on it because I can enjoy a more comfortable ride home. I am really appreciative of the effort that was put into the work to have this road fixed,” said Bertland Edwards, a resident of Lime Hall.
Taxi Operator, Desmond Williams, said that he was happy that the road was re-opened. “There are some little things left to be done here and there but to be honest, it is nicer than the alternate route and I feel more comfortable working on it now,” he said.NWA Communications Manager, Stephen Shaw, told JIS News that the Lime Hall project was carried out under the Critical Retaining Wall Programme.
He noted that the work involved the construction of retaining structures, while “river training work was undertaken in the vicinity of the breakaway so it was important for us to ensure that the footing of both walls was properly protected and this we have been able to do.”
While the road is open, Mr. Shaw said that there was still paving work to be done. “We are now at the stage where the roadway needs to be re-paved. It has been re-opened and persons are being allowed to use it but we need to go in and have it re-paved with asphalting concrete and we hope to do this within the next few weeks,” he informed.
Turning to other road projects in the parish, Mr. Shaw said that work was ongoing in the Parry Town area where a section of the roadway had been undermined due to a massive breakaway. “We have started some work there as part of the Flood Damage Programme. We are now stockpiling material and we will need to build boulders to try and reclaim a section of the roadway that has been eaten away as a result of this massive breakaway,” he informed.
The project, he told JIS News, was being carried out at a cost of more than $10 million and was scheduled for completion within the next four months. He appealed to the residents of the community to continue to exercise caution in their daily travels on the route, even as the repair work continues.

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