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Liaison officers of the Jamaica Central Labour Organization in Washington, D.C., will meet with the management of a hotel property in Lake Charles, Louisiana tomorrow (September 27), to discuss the extent of damage caused by Hurricane Rita and how this would affect Jamaican workers.
Some 63 Jamaicans employed under the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Overseas Employment Programme have all been re-united in one shelter and were in safe condition, according to Miss Barbara Dacosta, Chief Liaison of the Washington office responsible for the overseas locations.
“Our workers did not sustain any physical or personal damage from Hurricane Rita,” she said.
Miss Dacosta told JIS News that her office has been in regular contact with the management of the hotel property. She further advised that tomorrow’s meeting would detail assessment of the damage, the needs of the workers and their deployment.
Earlier this month, some 344 workers were deployed as well as repatriated as a result of Hurricane Katrina, which also lashed areas of Louisiana and Mississippi, damaging three hotels in which they were assigned under the Ministry’s overseas labour programme. Hurricane Rita caused extensive damage to states of the Gulf Coast, including Louisiana and Texas.

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