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Chairman of the National Commercial Bank (NCB), Michael Lee Chin, has been lauded for his contribution in constructing the Hyacinth Chen School of Nursing, on the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) campus, in Mandeville, Manchester.
At the official opening of the facility on Sunday August 10, Custos of Manchester, Dr. Gilbert Allen, said that the more than $200 million spent by Mr. Lee Chin, to construct the building, was a gesture that speaks to his commitment to develop humanity and his country.
“It makes, on behalf of Mr. Lee Chin, two powerful and pertinent statements. First, it speaks to an unquestionable love for his country and his commitment to the welfare of humanity, and secondly, it speaks to the regard that he has for the importance of family and for the love and devotion he holds for his mother,” Dr. Allen said.
The nursing school has been named in honour of Mrs. Hyacinth Chen, Mr. Lee Chin’s mother.
Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Environment, Regional Technical Director of the Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA), Dr. Michael Coombs, said the new school would help the country achieve critical targets in health care delivery.
“The Ministry happily joins in saluting Mr. Lee Chin for the tremendous role he has played in bringing this project to fruition. We welcome this facility, as it has the potential to positively impact nursing education in Jamaica and the general delivery of health care. The school will play an important role in Jamaica’s achievement in various local and international health targets, as the country continues its quest in achieving the Millennium Development Goals,” Dr. Coombs said.
Minister of Health Promotion for the Province of Ontario, Canada, Margaret Best, who also spoke, said that great benefits would be derived from Mr. Lee Chin’s generosity.
“You have done your mother proud, you have honoured her in her native Jamaica. In so doing, you have again demonstrated the strength of your character. You are a beacon of hope for opportunities that abound. You are a shining example of the limitless potential of an individual, regardless of the circumstances of one’s birth,” she said.
“Mrs. Chen invested in her son by providing him with love and direction, and Jamaica invested in him by providing him with a scholarship to university. And the returns to Mrs. Chen and Jamaica are priceless. The nursing students who will pass through the Hyacinth Chen School of Nursing will benefit immeasurably,” the Minister added.