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President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA), Wentworth Gabbidon, has called on leaders, teachers and parents to confront and eliminate violence and indiscipline in schools.
He stressed that the future of the nation depended on these persons successfully confronting and eliminating these evils, noting however, that violence and indiscipline in schools were reflections of the wider society.
“Reported incidences of indiscipline and violence in schools today and also in the wider society, must be viewed with alarm and concern . and all of us must do our part in ensuring that we protect the nation from those who would seek to destroy it,” Mr. Gabbidon stressed.
He was addressing the annual graduation ceremony of the Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College yesterday (December 7) in Granville St. James, where some 137 teachers graduated.
The JTA President observed that while students should be held accountable for their actions, they were not to be totally blamed and that adults should shoulder some of the responsibility.
“As adults, we should accept that we have somehow failed to effectively guide the young, as children live what they learn and we should have first set the stage for their behaviour. Parents and guardians have the responsibility for the growth and development of their children, including the inculcation of positive values and attitudes to make them worthwhile citizens of society,” Mr. Gabbidon said.
He pointed out that teachers have been charged with the responsibility of continuing the training that must begin in the home, and that while teachers facilitate the academics and training, they should also attend to character education and civic responsibility. “As graduate teachers, you all have the awesome responsibility of impacting positively on the those young minds entrusted to you; therefore you must display positive values and attitudes and be true role models to your students,” Mr. Gabbidon said.
The JTA President noted that education and training in life skills were crucial, and that “if we are going to effectively develop our nation, we must first educate and train our human resource to be successful individuals in all spheres of life”.
He urged the graduates to “unlock” their creative thinking and to be seen at all times as professionals, remembering that ‘you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you’.

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