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Residents came out in their numbers this morning (May 23) to clean-up the Tate Cemetery in Savanna-La-Mar, which is the Westmoreland parish project for Labour Day 2007.
Mayor of Savanna-La-Mar and Chairman of the Westmoreland Parish Council, Delford Morgan and Secretary-Manager, Patricia Sinclair-Stair, joined the large contingent of workers in bushing, cleaning, and painting sections of the cemetery, which was in much need of attention.
“It was badly in need of cleaning and that was due to the lack of funds to do the kind of cleaning necessary in low-lying areas of Savanna-La-Mar,” Mayor Morgan said.
In the meantime, he attributed the success of the parish project and the other 45 registered projects, to the tremendous show of community support that went into the planning process over the past three weeks.
“We have a Labour Day Committee, which, in addition to raising funds, concentrated some efforts in trying to identify priority areas to be given attention today.
“All in all, we have selected projects across the parish and I have been in dialogue with the respective councilors as to the progress of the work in their divisions. Overall I am satisfied that people in Westmoreland have been out in their numbers today and are cleaning their communities. It is very important that we recognize that Labour Day is not a public holiday as such; it is a day for us all to give back to our communities . I am pretty satisfied that we have been able to accomplish what we have been able to so far,” he stated.
“I have seen many persons out working on various projects and I am truly pleased,” he added.
Work was carried out today on hundreds of projects across the country under the theme: ‘Honouring our ancestors . strengthening communities’.

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