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Some 328 titles will soon be officially handed over to St. Catherine landowners under the Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP).Under the $12 million pilot project, some 30,000 parcels of land in St. Catherine are being mapped. These areas include Sligoville, Point Hill, Linstead and Bog Walk.
The programme is funded jointly by the Government and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and is scheduled to end in April next year. It is also expected that the government will continue the programme in the parish of St. Elizabeth.
Gloria Brown, Land Tenure Specialist with LAMP, told JIS News that the number of titles to be handed over, were those completed and updated under the programme, which commenced three years ago. Thousands of other titles, she added, were in different stages of processing.
Explaining the reasons for the selection of St. Catherine for the pilot programme, Miss Brown said a number of situations were considered. Among them was the proximity of St. Catherine to the executing agencies such as the Titles Office and the Survey Department.
In addition, there was a high number of unregistered parcels of land in those areas. “These areas had a high level of poverty and also were on the margin of expanding towns,” she said.
To date some 29,972 parcels of land have been mapped and compiled under the LAMP project.

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