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Senior Land Tenure Specialist with the Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP), Lisa Campbell, has said that the land titling initiative is helping persons to own their homes.
Miss Campbell, who was addressing the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Mandeville at the Golf View Hotel on Tuesday (August 17), said that the programme, geared to fast tracking the processing of land titles, was expanding the housing stock in many communities.
“If you look at the number of houses that are going up in the communities that we are operating in, it results from the fact that we have helped persons with their titles and that has given them the opportunity to benefit from NHT and other mortgage institutions,” she told the meeting.

President of the Rotary Club of Mandeville, Keith O’Gilvie (left), looks on as Senior Land Tenure Specialist With LAMP, Lisa Campbell, addresses the weekly meeting of his organization, on Tuesday (August 17) at the Golf View Hotel, Mandeville.

The LAMP programme was first instituted in the parish of St. Catherine then moved to St. Elizabeth and Manchester and will be expanded to other parishes. It benefits persons who could not afford the fees to process their titles.
LAMP recently opened an office in Junction, St. Elizabeth and will soon open another in Santa Cruz.
“We title land, we replace lost titles, we modify covenants and we settle estates. Everything concerning land development, we will do for you” Miss Campbell stated.
Under LAMP, all land surveys and legal matters are dealt with in one place. The Government has waived its taxes and fees such as Transfer Tax, Stamp Duty and registration fees, so that it costs less to register or update titles. A payment plan is also available.

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