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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security sent off the first batch of hospitality workers to the United States (US), today (March 25). The 104 workers, the largest batch ever sent off at one time, were chosen from the Ministry’s Overseas Job Fair that was held in October.
Speaking with JIS News, Minister of Labour and Social Security, Pearnel Charles said: “We propose to send up to 2,000 workers by April 2 to the United States. Fifty-three (53) went off to Canada yesterday (March 24), 104 workers will leave today (March 25) and [more will be sent off] daily up to April 2.” In his send-off address, the Minister stressed the need for discipline, adding that there would be a no-tolerance approach to indisciplined workers, as the Ministry would be ensuring that the programme was not jeopardized in any way. “We advised them today that any worker who cannot live up to the standard that is acceptable, will return to Jamaica and they will not go back on the programme,” he said.
Mr. Charles outlined that the overseas employment programme would reflect the government’s proposal to find as many jobs overseas as possible for many Jamaicans and would become a force to be reckoned with in generating foreign exchange for the country.
“The Ministry of Labour proposes that this overseas employment programme will become one of our largest industries, a foreign exchange earner for the country, so we intend to send thousands of workers to the United States, Canada and other countries,” he said.
In its preparation to fulfill this mandate, the Ministry has started training programmes, collaborating especially with Heart Trust/NTA to ensure that all workers sent abroad are certified and thus more marketable.
The Minister is therefore urging all Jamaicans to get trained. “The call should go out to many young Jamaicans who are sitting down, get yourselves trained, get into some institution and get trained, because we are going to need workers to send overseas,” Mr. Charles emphasized.

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