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A team from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security is currently conducting assessment of damage to houses in St. Mary as a result of the persistent heavy rains affecting the island.
This was disclosed by Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) Parish Disaster Coordinator, Yolande Jankie, during an interview with JIS News.
“We have reports of two damaged houses so far; one received extensive damage in Heywood Hall, one was washed away in Hopewell,” she said.
Ms. Jankie said that persons are conducting clean-up work in Port Maria and some areas of the parish remain without electricity, including Free Hill, Tryall and Highgate.
She informed that land slippages have been cleared in Junction, Richmond and Maroon Town, and some thoroughfares have been reduced to single lane traffic. The National Works Agency (NWA) is carrying out assessment of the damage to the road network, while crews have been deployed to clear blockages.
As it relates to persons in emergency shelters, Ms. Jankie said that the Port Maria United Church shelter was activated last night to house 35 persons, who have since returned home.
She told JIS News that the parish’s disaster preparedness team will meet on Thursday (Sept. 30) “to see what actions needs to be taken,” going forward.

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