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The Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) will be seeking to establish a Municipal Court to address breaches of the Town and Country Planning Act.
Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Desmond McKenzie made the announcement at a press conference on February 23, during which he commented on the recent ruling by the Privy Council in favour of the KSAC against Auburn Court Limited, that had breached the Act and constructed a building in Kingston without approval from the Corporation.
The Privy Council has mandated the owner to demolish the building within a certain period of time.
“This (ruling) strengthens the Council’s argument and based on the results of the Privy Council ruling, we will now be seeking audience with the Chief Justice to look at establishing a Municipal Court for the benefit of the Municipality,” the Mayor said.
Mr. McKenzie pointed out that there have been several breaches of the Town and Country Planning Act and stressed the importance of having such a Court.
“If we have a Court that we could access easily, a lot of the violations that are committed under the Act could have been disposed of,” the Mayor said.
0Mr. McKenzie noted that reputable companies in the Corporate Area were committing breaches and ignoring the Act. “I am bold enough to say that seven out of every 10 buildings that are being erected in the Corporate Area are being erected without the approval of the KSAC,” he added.
While unable to say how many cases of breaches of the Town and Country Planning Act were currently before the Courts, the Mayor said that for the month of January, there were some 22 breaches of the Act.
“What that is saying to all of us is that this thing is happening, and there are some that we will see and some we will not see,” Mr. McKenzie pointed out.

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