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As the busy Christmas season approaches, the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation has introduced a slew of measures to ease traffic congestion in downtown Kingston and to make the shopping experience more comfortable for consumers.
Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Desmond McKenzie, told JIS News that additional areas will be designated for parking and persons are being advised to use those areas.
“We are going to encourage people who come downtown to use the areas prescribed for parking. The UDC (Urban Development Corporation) parking lot down on the water front has a huge amount of space for people wanting to do business”, he informed.
He noted that the Island Constabulary Force (ISCF) and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) would be monitoring problematic areas including Heywood Street, the St. William Grant Park in front of the Bramwell Boothe Memorial Hall, areas beside the Ward Theatre, West Queen Street and Orange Street.
“The police have been very effective in keeping the streets to where we want them to be,” he told JIS News.
In addition, Mayor McKenzie informed, a shuttle bus system will be operated free of cost, which “will allow people to shop in comfort and will ease congestion on the roads”. Commuters will be required to board the shuttles at the UDC car park, which will then take them to the different shopping areas.
Further details, in terms of when the service will begin and operating hours, will be announced later. As it did last year, the KSAC will continue to enforce strict regulations regarding vending, which has been an Achilles heel for the Corporation during the busy holiday period.
These measures will include the prohibition of vending in non-designated areas, the licensing of vendors and the opening of streets for trade. The names of the streets to be opened this year will be disclosed later in the month, to prevent overcrowding before adequate measures have been put in place to accommodate the vendors.
“I advise shoppers and vendors to comply and be careful this season. People must observe the laws such as parking in prescribed areas”, he urged.
Meanwhile, the KSAC intends to feed some 6,000 people this Christmas compared to the 3,000 that were fed last year. Additionally, 1,500 street people will be fed for the New Year celebrations.

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