KSAC Bi-Partisan Committee to Discuss Implementation of JDIP

The special bi-partisan committee of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation, which has been convened to discuss issues pertaining to the implementation of the government’s multi-billion Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme (JDIP) in the Corporate Area, will meet soon, Mayor of Kingston, Senator Desmond McKenzie, has said.
Speaking at the KSAC’s monthly meeting at its Church Street offices downtown Kingston on Tuesday (October 12), Senator McKenzie said that the previously scheduled meeting was postponed due to the torrential rains, influenced by tropical storm Nicole, which lashed the island two weeks ago.
He informed that representatives of the National Works Agency (NWA) are scheduled to attend that meeting to “explain how the (JDIP).will work, because I know councillors have.genuine concerns.”
Senator McKenzie informed that the committee’s chairman will advise members of a meeting date, adding that matters arising and information generated in that forum will be discussed at the next meeting of the Council’s Road and Traffic Committee, slated for later this month.
He said that information from both meetings is expected to inform the general Council’s position “in terms of how we will treat the matter.”According to the Mayor, the constitution of the bi-partisan committee is to facilitate discussion among councillors and key stakeholder interests, in order to prevent the Council from “getting into a brawl” over the issue.
“That is why I would like the matter to be dealt with at the level of the bi-partisan committee, where the Councillors can sit, look at what is being proposed, and after it is discussed there, then we (general Council) can take it (for further discussion),” he stated.
The $36 billion (US$400 million) JDIP, being financed through a loan agreement between Jamaica and the government of China, will entail rehabilitation of major and parochial roads as well as the construction and repair of bridges, drains and other attendant features over the next five years.
The project is being spearheaded by China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (Jamaica) (CHEC).

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