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The Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) and the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) will be embarking on an exercise on the weekend, to rid certain sections of the Corporate Area of illegal billboards and signs.
“There has been a 45 per cent increase in the number of billboards both dancehall and commercial boards that have gone up in the city,” said Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew, Councillor Desmond McKenzie, at the KSAC’s roads and traffic meeting held on (Oct. 24) at the Council’s Chamber in downtown Kingston.
According to Mayor McKenzie, “90 per cent of dancehall billboards and places of amusements boards that are out there have not gotten the Council’s approval, and so we have now concluded arrangements to commence this weekend, a joint operation between the KSAC and the NSWMA, that is going to tackle selected areas of the municipality to deal with that.”
In the meantime, he informed that the Council has consulted with an attorney-at-law to determine the best way to rid the streets of the Corporate Area of illegal garages “once and for all”.
“We started a drive to deal with the illegal garage situation and as fast as we closed down five, 15 more sprang up. So we have asked the lawyers to advise us about how to go about it,” the Mayor said.