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The Kiwanis Foundation of Jamaica has embarked on a campaign to encourage the continued growth and development of discipline and courtesy in the country.
The campaign, aimed principally at the youth, will see Kiwanians meeting and talking to groups of young people as well as the wider society on these essential elements of social well-being.
Already, the Kiwanis Club of Seville in St. Ann has decided to work with the staff at the Bamboo Primary and Junior High School to promote discipline and courtesy at the institution. “The teachers alone cannot do it and this is evident when we look at the ratio of students to teachers in the classrooms these days,” said Karlene Wilson, President of the Seville Kiwanis Club.
She told JIS News, that the club would also be working on a number of other projects to enhance the quality of education for the staff and students.
“What we have done so far is that we have repainted the walls of the lower school and it is our intention to complete this project by repainting the walls of the upper school as well,” Ms. Wilson said.
“Our plans for this school also entail a feeding programme for the children and we hope to have the programme up and running as soon as possible,” she said further.
She noted that the Kiwanis Club, as a service organization, was dedicated to development of the nation’s children, adding that a Builders Club was established at the school to help in the nurturing process.
“If we can reach the children at this tender age and allow them to realize that they can make a difference through service, then we can look forward to positive outcomes at the end of the day,” she observed.
Acting Vice Principal at the School, Trevor McKenzie stated that the newly formed Builders Club has been operating effectively and that students were eager to become a part of the club.
“They have started to do a number of activities such as wiping down the walls of the classrooms and keeping the surrounding clean. The club meets on a weekly basis and they have been making plans to embark on a number of projects in the future,” he told JIS News.
Mr. McKenzie pointed out that the club was not just about fun and games, as it served as an avenue for social development for the members.
He commended the Seville Kiwanis Club for the work that they have been doing at the school and encouraged the students to become a part of the Builders Club and help to strengthen the moral fibre of the country.

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