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Some $27 million has been allocated in the 2006/2007 Estimates of Expenditure to the Kingston Water and Sanitation Project, to continue to, among other things, rehabilitate and expand the water supply and distribution systems in Kingston and St. Andrew.Finance and Planning Minister, Dr. Omar Davies on Wednesday (April 12) tabled the Estimates in the House of Representatives.
The Water and Sanitation project seeks to also improve the delivery of sewerage waste disposal services in Kingston and St. Andrew, and strengthen the institutional capacity of the National Water Commission through a modernisation exercise.
As set out in the Estimates, the project initially sought to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of citizens living in Kingston and St. Andrew through the delivery of adequate potable water and sewerage disposal systems, and to increase the efficiency of the National Water Commission by improving the quality of services provided as well as to reduce the related costs.
Funded by the Jamaican government and the Inter American Development Bank, the project began in August 2003, and will continue until July of next year.
Since its implementation, a feasibility study was completed for the project in August 2003, with the results of the study being used to finalise loan arrangements, with the IADB subsequently granting approval for the loan in June of 2004.
For the 2006/2007 fiscal period, targets include the establishment of a project implementation unit, and the preparation of designs and contract documents for the rehabilitation of water supply facilities, and mains replacement. In addition, refurbishing works are expected to begin at the Constant Spring, Hope and Mona Water treatment plants.

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