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Three students from the Kingston High School copped the top prizes in the recent National Child Month Committee (NCMC) Poster Competition.
First prize went to 16-year old Dwight Patrick, second prize to 15-year old Osmar Tomlinson, while 16-year old Jahmar Walker placed third.
At the presentation ceremony held at the Four Seasons Hotel on June 23, proud principal Charles Reid, told JIS News that the school had performed beyond expectation.
“We were surprised to know that the school is filled with so much talent,” he said, while thanking the NCMC for providing the opportunity for the students to display their talents.
He noted that the awards would go a far way in inspiring other children at the school. “We are so proud. This will do a lot to motivate the rest of the students at our school especially since the school is dubbed as inner city,” the principal pointed out.
Guidance Counsellor and the person named by all the boys as their motivator, Veronica Jarrett, concurred. She said, “it took a lot of encouragement because I know that they have self-esteem issues. I had to work with them and keep pushing them to succeed so that they in turn, could inspire others”.
For the three boys, the moment was overwhelming. Winner, Dwight Patrick, a grade 11 student, told JIS News that the occasion was a very special one because it was “the first time that he had ever won anything in his life”.
It feels so good,” he said proudly.
His moment was even more special since he had missed a large part of the school term due to illness.His winning poster, which reflected the competition’s theme, Instilling Positive Values, Securing our Children’s Future, highlighted the role fathers play in imparting values to their children. This was done through drawing a series of pictures of fathers interacting with their children in various activities.
His was not the only one that highlighted the crucial role that fathers play in the lives of their children. Osmar, who placed second, said he felt compelled to use his relationship with his father, Donald Tomlinson, to inspire his work.
“My father has taught me that there is more to life than all the hype. If it were not for him, I would not be able to do my poster,” he pointed out. “It is the life I have lived, so it was easy to draw it in action,” Osmar added.
For Jahmar, who placed third, his poster depicted the fact that children are the nation’s future. Reflecting on his award, he said, “it showed that with the help of others anything was possible. I feel that I have accomplished something great,” he stated.
In terms of prizes, the winner was awarded a scholarship to participate in the Junior Continuing Education Programme at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, in addition to receiving cash and a plaque. Second and third place finishers each received a cash award and a plaque.

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