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Minister of Labour and Social Security, Derrick Kellier, is urging more needy Jamaicans to register with the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH), the government’s main social assistance programme.
Persons in need can receive health care benefits and needed assistance with schools fees and other financial support through this programme.
Speaking yesterday (August 25), at the Cambridge High School in southern St. James, the Minister said that he had a special interest in ensuring that all Jamaicans who were in need, get the necessary information about how to get help from the PATH programme.
“In addition to receiving financial assistance, persons on the PATH programme also benefit from health care services and their children are given help with school fees as long as the family does those things that are required under the programme. The members of the household must visit the health centre regularly and where children are involved, they must not be absent from school, because education is the weapon to defeat poverty,” Mr. Kellier stressed.
He informed that the Ministry was now aiming to register some 236,000 new beneficiaries under the PATH programme.
“Through the PATH programme, we want to break the cycle of poverty . and we are seeking to do so by investing in human development. This means that as a government, we are not only building roads and bridges and hotels, we are also building people’s lives,” the Minister noted.
He pointed out that despite the challenges, the objectives of the programme were being met, such as, better school attendance by students on the programme, children are less likely to be drawn into child labour, greater levels of contact between teachers and parents, and an increase in health centre visits by parents and children.
“PATH is a programme that leads somewhere . so that parents can get involved in some level of productive activity. The challenge is great, but the possibilities are endless for your upliftment. The PATH programme is a life vest. Hold on to it. Get back on board and start rowing the boat and so put your lives back in order,” Mr. Kellier said.
The campaign to sign up 236,000 new PATH beneficiaries was launched on August 11 in Kingston.

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