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Come September, the Jamaica Urban Transit Company Limited (JUTC) will begin posting timetables to provide commuters with scheduling information for its bus routes.
Marketing and Public Relations Manager at the bus company, Gwyneth Harold, told JIS News that the process would involve the erection of schedule signboards at strategic locations in the Kingston Metropolitan Region for the convenience of commuters.
She said that appropriate media, including newspapers, would also be utilized to publicize the information. “We plan to target a few channels and publicize this to our passengers so that they know where to go for information,” she noted. The Marketing and Public Relations Manager said discussions were already underway with one cable channel to begin a publicity blitz, with the intention to expand to others over time.
Service Planning Manager for the JUTC, Kirk Finnikin told JIS News that the move to publicize scheduling information was in response to surveys and feedback from passengers. “They (passengers) want their journey times to be predictable and if we can give them that, we believe that they will use our service more,” he argued. Furthermore, he pointed out that the move would “increase ridership on the current fleet of buses, (allowing the JUTC) to earn morefrom the fare box.”
“We expect to use fewer resources to carry more passengers,” he added.
In emphasizing the importance of scheduling to the JUTC’s operations, the Service Planning Manager said the process had repercussions for the entity’s bottom line, as schedules determined the resources (manpower, buses, fuel) necessary for service. “Efficient scheduling will give the best use of resources at times when commuters need the service,” he noted. The schedules, which were greatly influenced by the school year, were generally rotated on a three-month basis.
To allow for ongoing monitoring, the JUTC employs point personnel who are required to provide daily feedback on bus operations with respect to schedule adherence. This in addition to the electronic ticketing system installed in every bus, which provides an idea of the number of passengers moved by each unit during each trip.
The Service Planning Manager explained that trip times were decided by daily surveys done at different times, to determine how long it took to move from one point to another. Buses are deployed based on passenger numbers on the various routes. Major timing points are selected along routes where passenger demand is highest or at main connecting points.Presently, timetables are available at the JUTC website at www.jutc.com.
Persons experiencing difficulties with services are encouraged to call the bus company toll-free at 1-888-588-2287 or speak to any JUTC staff member.

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