JIS News

Operations Manager at the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC), Neville Lynche is reporting that the JUTC will be ready for the opening of the Transport Centre in Half-Way Tree on Saturday, January 12. “We will have an adequate number of buses that will service the centre,” he assured.
Speaking with JIS News, Mr. Lynche said that although there are adequate buses, the primary purpose would be ensuring that buses are kept moving. “We will have to plan in such a way that we do not allow buses to be in the centre longer than they have to,” he said, adding that “we really need to do this and do it properly.”
According to the Operations Manager, an adequate amount of spare buses and drivers would also be available. “If drivers do not report to work on time, the bus will not be held up as there will be spare drivers to keep the buses moving,” he said.”Whatever bugs we find in the system, we will sit down and discuss them and make any change that is necessary,” he said.
Mr. Lynche explained that while it is going to be a challenge, it is one that could be achieved, once proper planning and good management are in place. “This is where we will have to organize and ensure that the time that any individual commuter spends in the centre will be their own time and not as a result of the lack of buses or break-down time,” he said.
One hundred and one JUTC buses will be traversing the centre to 63 routes.