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The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) will be installing additional timetables for bus services on select routes and will change the existing schedules on December 14.
In an interview with JIS News, Manager of Service Planning and Network Development, Jacqueline Darwood, said that, “the timetables that are now up are due for change on the 13th of December 2005.” This, she said, was to facilitate Christmas schedules.
“Currently, seven of a possible nine timetables are serving the Eastern Metropolitan Region of Kingston,” Ms. Darwood informed, adding that two more will go up soon at Florizel Glasspole Boulevard and Harbour View (lane going to Bull Bay).
Overall, 42 bus timetables are set to be installed, but the timetables for buses that pass through Half-Way-Tree have been put on hold because of traffic changes.
After a 20-year hiatus when the Jamaica Omnibus Service (JOS) used to erect timetables, the JUTC and the Ministry of Transport and Works began installing timetables for bus routes in September 2000.
“The timetables have enhanced the efficiency in service as buses run more frequently,” Ms. Darwood pointed out. Customers, and even the crew of the bus service, utilize the timetables to maintain the prompt and prolific arrival of the buses.
The public is now also requesting that bus stops be lit at night so that they would be able to read the schedules, she noted.
Explaining the reason for changing the timetables in December, Ms. Darwood told JIS News that “when schools are in session, the number of buses scheduled for daily runs is increased, and when they break for the holiday, the number of buses is reduced, so having the timetables, allows the public to be informed of what is happening”.
Timetables have been erected in the Eastern Metropolitan Region at Bedward Drive, August Town, North Parade (2), Florizel Glasspole Boulevard, Harbour View (lane going to Kingston), Caledonia Crescent, Cross Roads, Port Royal and Nine Miles.

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