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The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) says that, in addition to extending its regular bus service to 11 p.m. tomorrow (Friday August 6), it will be providing an express service for patrons attending the Grand Gala Independence Day event at the National Stadium the same evening.

JUTC buses ready for Independence Day extended service.

The event is scheduled to end at approximately 9 pm. The services to be provided from the stadium beginning at 9:00 p.m., are as follows:
Spanish Town Depot
a) Route 21 – National Stadium to Spanish Town via Molynes Road, Washington Boulevard b) Route 23A – National Stadium to Spanish Town via Dunrobin Avenue, Washington Boulevard
The applicable fare will be $90
Rockfort Depot
a) Route 83 – National Stadium to the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre b) Route 77 – National Stadium to Papine via Mountain View Avenue, Old Hope Roadc) Route 99 – National Stadium to Harbour View via Mountain View Avenue, Windward Road
The applicable fares will be $80 for routes 83 and 77, and $90 for route 99.
Portmore Depot
a) Routes 3A – National Stadium to Waterford, Gregory Park b) 12A – National Stadium to Cumberland, Naggo Head c) 17A – National Stadium to Greater Portmore via Naggo Head, Braetond) 20A – National Stadium to Greater Portmore via Portmore Pines
The applicable fare is $90.

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