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Public sector workers, now enjoying a $15 fare discount on the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) buses, are being advised that the concession is limited to 10 trips per week or 40 rides per month.
Once the 40 rides have been exhausted, the government workers will have to pay the regular $50 per trip rate, explained Marketing and Public Relations Manager at JUTC, Gwyneth Harold.
On August 21, the government officially increased bus fares for adult commuters to a flat rate of $50 up from $30 for travel in Kingston and $40 to Spanish Town and Portmore.
However, public sector workers with their JUTC pre paid smart cards will only pay $35, as the government seeks to soften the burden on the employees, who have been contractually bound to a cap on their salaries under a government /trade unions signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The discount remains for the duration of the MOU, which in March 2006.
To benefit from the concessionary fare however, the public sector workers must purchase a minimum of 10 rides per week. Ms. Harold explained that even though the worker will pay $350 for the 10 rides, the card is loaded with $500.
“The conductor doesn’t have to be concerned whether the passenger in front of them is a public sector worker or not, she/he would just take the card and punch $50 because the discount has already been added,” she stated.
Meanwhile, in response to concerns from public sector workers about difficulty in accessing the pre paid smart cards, Miss Harold informed that the cards would now be available at three locations.
These are: the Ministry of Water and Housing in Kingston, the Spanish Town Lay By and the Ministry of Transport and Works. “These locations have been supplied with an official list of government agencies to avoid any confusion,” she added.

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