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The reinstatement of a school bus system in the Corporate Area was among the resolutions put forward by 40 representatives of the Junior Council when they met at the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) Church Street chambers recently.
Students from primary and secondary schools made their contribution by making recommendations, passing resolutions geared at advancing the education system. The KSAC invited students from various schools in the Corporate Area and Rural St. Andrew to participate in the Junior Council meeting when the ‘Mayor for the Day’ chairs the meeting of 39 Junior Councillors. They, along with the ‘Junior Mayor’ represent the 40 Councillors of the KSAC.
Other resolutions included: a school bus for the Olympic Way route, implementing the necessary provisions for the removal of waste from school premises, and a compulsory saving scheme for students towards payment of external examination fees.
In preparation for the Junior Council meeting, students attended two orientation sessions in which they were coached on the procedures of the Council. Here, the Junior Councillors elected a ‘Mayor’, ‘Deputy Mayor’, ‘Town Clerk’, ‘Chaplain’ and an ‘Orderly’ from their group. Public Relations Officer of the KSAC, Vastine Walker, told JIS News that the resolutions would be sent to the relevant Ministries for further action.
Speaking at the meeting, Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Desmond McKenzie said this year’s group of Junior Councillors represented the youngest age group since the activity began and that they had proven that they were as equal to the task as older participants.
Describing the Junior Councillors “as budding politicians,” the Mayor encouraged the students not to look at the negative aspects of life but to commit themselves to the building of the future of Jamaica on the basis that “you can do better”.
Councillor McKenzie commended the students for enhancing this year’s Local Government Month as they brought a different level to the debate, which could only benefit the country.
Speaking to JIS News, ‘Junior Mayor’, Ralston Dickson of Jamaica College, said the experience he gained was invaluable. “I am elated and proud at having been given the opportunity to represent my fellow students,” he said.
‘Junior Deputy Mayor’, Richard Hart of St. Georges College, described the experience as one of a kind and “a great exposure” as he wanted to enter the field of communication. He noted that this activity was a step towards getting the views of the youth on a number of topical issues affecting them and coming up with innovative ways of coping with the issues.
The Junior Council is an annual event that is administered by the Local Government Movement to commemorate Local Government Month each November. The KSAC has undertaken this activity for approximately eight years exposing the nation’s youth to the activities of the Local Authorities.

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