• JIS News

    The burnt out Jubilee Market in downtown Kingston is to be cleared of vendors, to facilitate its restoration.
    Chairman of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC), Mayor Desmond McKenzie, says the Council has served notice on vendors currently peddling merchandise in the market, to vacate the premises by January 31, 2011.
    The Mayor notes that restoration of the market, which was gutted by fire some five years ago, will provide an environment conducive to vending.
    Speaking at the KSAC’s monthly meeting last week, Senator McKenzie said since the facility’s destruction, vendors had, over time, moved into the burnt out structure, where they have been engaging in commercial activities.
    “If you go to the Jubilee Market now, you wouldn’t know that this is a market that was gutted by fire. Some of the structures there have been built without the approval of the KSAC, and the Council is not collecting revenue from anyone in there, because what is there is not something that is an agreed position between the KSAC and the vendors,” he outlined.
    Councillor McKenzie, who is also a Government Senator, said the vendors have until January 31, 2011, to make arrangements with the Council to relocate their operations.
    “We’re not going to do anything to dislocate anybody during this period. But come the 31st of January, persons have been notified that they are to remove all the stuff that belong to them, including the structures that were constructed,” he said.
    The Mayor warned that non-compliance will result in the KSAC taking the necessary steps to “reclaim” the Jubilee Market and “put it back in proper order, so that proper vending can be done.”
    Meanwhile, the Chairman has called on vendors to ensure that they maintain and preserve the condition of the facilities that have been repaired, particularly the sanitary conveniences in the Queen’s and Redemption Ground Markets.