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A pictorial exhibition, depicting the development of tourism in Jamaica over the past 50 years, opened yesterday (Dec.15) at the Montego Bay Civic Centre in St. James.
The exhibition was mounted by the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) as part of activities to mark its 50th anniversary, which began on April 1 and would continue through to March 31, 2006.
The exhibit was on previously on display at the JTB’s offices in Kingston and would be in Montego Bay for a few months.
Director of Tourism, Paul Pennicook, who declared the exhibition open, noted that the display “brings together information on all the various campaigns staged by the JTB over the years, so that members of the media, academic researchers, information specialists and indeed the general public can have access to the information and it will also make analysis that much easier.”
Meanwhile, he informed that activities to mark the 50th anniversary would be held in Jamaica, North America, Europe and Japan.
“Between now and March (2006), we intend to host an activity to say thanks to our longstanding ‘Meet the People’ coordinators, many of whom are from the west, the tourism capital. We are also working to publish a book documenting the development of tourism in Jamaica”, he stated.
Mr. Pennicook expressed the view that Jamaica was one of the most well researched destinations and that the Jamaica brand was known worldwide.
President of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA), Horace Peterkin, in bringing greetings at the event, said that the JTB was the envy of countries worldwide.
He noted that the agency had innovated many programmes that have been “copied, borrowed or stolen” by other tourism agencies or destinations.
In praising the JTB for its international performance in winning many top awards, the JHTA head said that persons have marveled at the JTB’s cutting edge media campaigns and television commercials that it has been able to produce year after year, through its advertising agencies.
He further made reference to the fact that the Jamaica logo, which was created in 1955 by former Minister of Tourism, Ambassador John Pringle, was still a signature emblem today.

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