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The Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) has signed a contract valued at $4.1 million, for the expansion of the Joyland Basic School in St. Elizabeth.
Speaking at the recent signing ceremony, JSIF Operations Manager, Omar Sweeney pointed out that the contract had been awarded to Garan-Tee Construction Company and was expected to be completed in about four months.
“The JSIF was set up to act as a facilitator for community development and we do this by providing funds for specific projects. Of course, it does not stop there, as the community, once selected, has to be prepared to work in partnership with us,” he said.
Mr. Sweeney explained that this sort of partnership translated into not just the sharing of costs, but also the allocation of work.
“Our joint partner is the Joyland Basic School Parent Teachers’ Association, a group that is trying to improve the conditions of the school, and which will be responsible for the clearing and preparation of the site for construction, acting as community liaison officer, securing the building materials and equipment, and providing electricity,” he added.
The Operations Manager noted that some 40 students as well as staff members would benefit directly from the project.
“We will be constructing and equipping a new building, which will be a standard modular two classroom structure with a new kitchen, sanitary facilities, furniture, filing cabinet, playing equipment, 20 desks and 40 chairs, 2 teacher’s tables and chairs, a stove and refrigerator,” he said.
Mr. Sweeney encouraged members of the community to work closely with the contractor to ensure that the work was done to the highest standard.
“You must also make a commitment to maintain the school facilities and thus ensure that future generations of students are able to benefit from this improvement project,” he said.

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