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The Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), through its National Community Development Project (NCDP), expended more than $150 million to assist scores of basic, primary and all-age schools that suffered varying degrees of damage following the passage of Hurricane Ivan last year.
As contained in the agency’s 2004/05 report, more than 100 educational institutions were targeted by JSIF to receive financial assistance to undertake repairs. Funding was approved in October and November.
The NCDP is financed through a $930 million (US$15 million) loan from the World Bank to the Government of Jamaica (GOJ). The project began in 2003, and will last over a four-year period.
The NCDP, according to the annual report, is focused on development through increased involvement of the community at all stages of the project cycle.
The report further revealed that the GOJ has obtained further funding in the sum of $310 million (US$5 million) through a loan agreement with the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), towards the NCDP.
In addition to the post-Hurricane Ivan school repairs that were carried out under the NCDP, the company also completed a host of social improvement projects including the rehabilitation of several community centres; the fencing of a number of schools; construction of basic schools and health centres; and the upgrading of the sanitation and infrastructure facilities at several schools.

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