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The Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) has approved $5.8 million for Cultural Animation in ICBSP (Inner-City Basic Services Project) communities.
Additionally, the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) will contribute some $1million in kind to operate the programme.
Social Services Coordinator at the ICBSP, Grace Ann Scarlet, told JIS News that the programme, which was introduced to the communities some time ago, aids in the process of development among young persons.
“What the programme aims to achieve is to really change communities. Initially, we had looked at different forms of engaging communities, and what we’re doing with the animation work is to really stimulate the community to act on issues that affect their own interests, and for them to participate in building vibrant and cohesive communities,” she said.
She added that the programme also aims to encourage democracy, participation and giving the community the opportunity to explore alternative solutions.
“It looks at strategies, such as conflict resolution, partnership, leadership and to really develop cultural-based industries in these communities,” Miss Scarlett noted.
Miss Scarlett said the ICBSP is not only involved in long- term activities, but also “short- term investments that enhance community development.”
“We were very involved in Independence Festival 2009, and we were very much a part of the celebrations. But, we were not only looking at involvement for the day of the event, but also as a way to mobilize our communities and to build capital in the ICBSP communities,” she explained.
According to Miss Scarlett, the project, which was held in collaboration with the JCDC, involved the participation of six ICBSP communities in St. Catherine, Kingston and St. Andrew.
She said that 400 persons from these communities participated in the Festival float Parade on Independence Day, Thursday (August 6).

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