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The Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPSCo) has donated $1.5 million to Jamaica AIDS Support for Life, to assist the organization’s initiatives in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
The presentation, made at the Pelican Restaurant in Montego Bay yesterday (Sept. 15), represents the second tranche of a $5 million sum committed to the organization over a three-year period, to undertake public education activities in western Jamaica. The first allocation was made in 2005. “Over the past year, the JPSCo Limited and Jamaica AIDS Support cooperated in several public education activities and . despite the many challenges, it was a successful year,” informed Kathy Cooke, External Affairs Manager at JPSCo.
She noted that through the partnership, the hope was to encourage more responsible behaviour and to change attitudes about the disease. “There are too many, who have not altered their attitude to HIV/AIDS and still too many, who have not changed their behaviour. Even among those who have the knowledge and have changed behaviour, there is still a high incidence of stigma. We want to remind all persons that prevention is the responsibility of all,” she stated.
Ms Cooke further commended the work of Jamaica AIDS Support, noting that “since 1991, the organization has championed the cause of HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, and remains one of the best known organizations in this area.”
Public Education Coordinator of Jamaica AIDS Support, Ann Marie Dobson, who accepted the funds, praised JPSCo for its tangible support in the fight against the dreaded disease.
“This collaboration with the JPSCo will indeed help to strengthen our public education programme, particularly in western Jamaica, to ensure that there is access to accurate information regarding the virus”, Ms. Dobson stated.
She noted that Jamaica AIDS Support had targeted vulnerable groups such as sex workers, in its education campaign.

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