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By September 2008, the Jose Marti campus in St. Catherine should house both technical and traditional high schools.
“Because of the number of students we’re going to be hosting on the campus, and the fact that we’re now making it a traditional high school with grades 7 to 9, we’re looking at creating two separate facilities and these will come with all the requisite systems of support,” Minister of Education and Youth, Maxine Henry Wilson told JIS News during a tour of the institution on August 15.
The tour by the Minister was to view work in progress for an additional 17 new classrooms, a reading and science laboratory, new bathrooms, kitchen, canteen and an administrative room. On completion, the school is projected to accommodate another 650 students.
Mrs. Henry Wilson said the new move was an innovation, and the Ministry would be looking at the process to see exactly what support systems would be required.
She said the Ministry was aware of the need for more spaces in some schools, and that had some influence on the decision to operate two separate schools on the Jose Marti campus.
“Right along the strip from Spanish Town to as far as Christiana, the Ministry has challenges in terms of space. Yes, we hope to build more new schools, and we actually built 11 at the end of the last decade, but we now find that this is not adequate,” she told JIS News. The first block of seven classrooms are expected to be completed by the third week of September, making room for nearly 300 students.
Mrs. Henry-Wilson pointed out that the money being spent to upgrade the school’s facilities this year was a part of the funding from the National Housing Trust (NHT).

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