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After an eight-year break, Jamaica’s premier national trade show returns to the National Arena through a joint effort between the JMA and the JEA (Jamaica Manufacturer’s Association/Jamaica Exporter’s Association), who will host ‘Expo 2004’ from May 27 to 30 with a much more extensive and diverse exhibition under the theme ‘Buy Jamaican’.
Jamaican entrepreneurs participating in the trade show will be afforded the opportunity to showcase high quality, authentic Jamaican products in the manufacturing, exporting and service sectors.
Speaking at the press launch on Friday (April 2), Deputy President of the JMA, Raymond Miles, said that the organization has consistently recognized the important role it played in promoting and encouraging Jamaican manufacturing operations that contributed to the economic welfare and development of Jamaica.
“In this effort, our mandate has been to create and foster diverse linkages with Jamaican producers from various sectors including industry, agriculture and the service sectors,” he said.
According to Mr. Miles, the revitalization of the Expo followed on the recent launch of the JMA’s “Buy Jamaican, Build Jamaica” Campaign encouraging Jamaicans to support local industry and jobs by buying quality Jamaican products.
“This was from a firm belief that in order for Jamaican industries to grow and contribute to economic development and job creation, Jamaicans must begin supporting Jamaican products by consciously choosing quality Jamaican goods over imports,” he noted.
The Expo, which will feature close to 200 booths, will seek to increase awareness of the high quality of products and services available locally; encourage Jamaicans to “Buy Jamaican”; teach Jamaicans that when they “Buy Jamaican, they build Jamaica”; and support local manufacturer’s in accessing international trade opportunities, thereby earning foreign exchange for the country.
Also speaking at the launch, President of the JEA, Dr. Andre Gordon, said that the staging of the Expo was timely, as it was an indication of the collaborative efforts which have begun, aiming to lead local companies in regaining Jamaica’s rightful place in world trade.
“It is the strength of these partnerships that will continue to allow us to bring real value to the productive sector and to strengthen more of our companies to be able to compete on any stage with the best in the world,” he said.
In addition to insightful displays and good entertainment, ‘JMA/JEA Expo 2004’ will also offer seminars and workshops for entrepreneurs interested in increasing productivity and efficiency in their operations.
Covering a wide cross-section of Jamaican industries, Expo 2004 promises to be a comprehensive and useful exhibition of Jamaican creativity, while facilitating the interaction of local, regional and international business interests.

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