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Boys and caregivers of the Mount Olivet Boys’ Home in Manchester were feted during a fun day hosted by the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) on Saturday (December 11) at the home located in Walderston.
The boys were treated to goodies courtesy of corporate sponsors including LASCO, Juici Patties, Nestle, Continental Baking Company Limited, Grace, JP Tropical Foods and Tastee, while enjoying a bounce-about, cricket, football and several other exciting games and giveaways.

Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Web Designer/Software Developer, Desmond Campbell (left), participates in a game of football with residents of the Mount Olivet Boys’ Home in Manchester during a fun day hosted by the agency at the home on Saturday (Dec.11).

Chairperson for the JIS’ Mount Olivet Outreach Committee, Odette Barron, said the fun day marked the first anniversary since the agency adopted the home.
She informed that to date “we have implemented a mentorship programme, had five visits to the home, not to mention our almost daily contact with the administrators and the mentees.”
Miss Barron credited the success of the fun day and all the other activities held during the year, to “great teamwork.”
“The mentors and JIS’ management, led by our Chief Executive Officer, Donna-Marie Rowe, must be commended. Our relationship with (Mount Olivet) would not have gotten this far had it not been for them,” she stated, while pointing out that the programme will continue into next year and beyond.

LASCO Promoter, June Beezer (left), presents a LASCO goodie bag to one of the residents of the Mount Olivet Boys’ Home, during a recent fun day hosted by the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) at the home located in Walderston, Manchester. LASCO donated several well-needed products to the home valued at some $18,000.

“The Mount Olivet Boys’ Home is now our extended family and we will continue to do everything in our power to assist them,” she declared.
Fourteen-year old *John*, who has been living at the home for the past four years said that he had a lot of fun and enjoyed the gifts and snacks.
Another resident, 12 year old *Danny*, said he “enjoyed jumping in the bounce-about and playing cricket”. He also thanked JIS for the ongoing support. “They have been providing for us and I like that,” he said.

Director of the Mount Olivet Boys’ Home in Walderston, Manchester, Sonia Lowe presents a goodie bag courtesy of Continental Baking Company to a resident of the home, during a recent fun day hosted by the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) at the facility. Continental donated several items including water crackers, sandwich biscuits, chocolate bits, and popcorn.

Director of the home, Sonia Lowe, said that the fun day was “absolutely amazing” and expressed the hope that the JIS’ relationship with the home will continue into the New Year and beyond.
Miss Lowe also congratulated the JIS mentors, noting that their relationship with the boys has been much more than a public one. “It is a personal relationship and they take their roles as mentors very seriously for these children, who have suffered abuse and trauma in the past,” she pointed out.
Mrs. Rowe, in the meantime, lauded the remarkable support received from corporate Jamaica throughout the past year.
“Almost all our requests to sponsors were approved and we are deeply grateful for their commitment to national development. Their donations have gone a very far way in making the lives of these boys a lot more comfortable,” she said.
The Mount Olivet Boys’ Home, which houses 28 boys, was adopted by the JIS in December 2009.
Music was provided by JIS’ Radio Producer, Prince Moore and the King Harmony Sound.
*Names changed to protect their identity.

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