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The Jamaica Foundation for Life Long Learning (JFLL) has piloted a computer-aided instruction programme for the teaching of literacy.
This is contained in a Ministry Paper tabled in the House of Representatives last week by Education Minister, Andrew Holness.
The programme will facilitate a wider spread of learner-centred interventions across the country, allowing persons to advance at their own pace, and where possible, in their own space.
Additionally, the JFLL currently operates seven computer laboratories within its national network of learning centres, with at least five new labs to be commissioned by March 2009. Moreover, the JFLL web site is also being used as a platform to enhance business processes, improve internal communications and provide options for e-learning modalities.
The current enrolment in the basic literacy programme is 7,559, with plans to move this to 12,000 by the end of the current fiscal year. Also, the High School Equivalency Programme (HISEP) currently hosts 358 participants who are expected to graduate in 2009.
The JFLL is now fully engaged in upgrading and expanding its Workplace Education Programme with an emphasis on increased productivity. As a result, discussions have already begun between the agency, the Jamaica Productivity Centre and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to craft programmes that will provide workers with competencies that will allow them to be trainable, adaptable to new technologies and processes, thereby allowing them to be more autonomous in discharging their duties.
The emphasis is currently on agriculture, construction, bauxite and tourism. One of the partnerships pursued by the JFLL has been with the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP). This partnership, is geared at enrolling young persons in literacy classes in Kingston. Those who are more advanced are being processed for entry into classes under the HISEP.
Moreover, the JFLL in an effort to increase basic literacy and numeracy, plans to expand the HISEP. This expansion include: enrolling 800 new learners by March 31, 2009; establishing three new JFLL HISEP Centres; establishing eight new Independent HISEP Centres (franchise) starting with Brown’s Town Community College in September 2008; establishing four workplace groups; and 48 new partnerships (statutory bodies and private sector).
Also, as a means of enhancing product development and service delivery, programmes of steady improvement to include the physical plants, staffing and equipment began in 2007. Extensive improvement was effected to the parish offices/Adult Learning Centres in Mandeville, Montego Bay and Spanish Town. The process is continuing at the other locations as the JFLL is committed to ensuring high quality learning environments and more customer friendly facilities.

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