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As part of it efforts to prevent young lives from ‘going up in smoke’, the Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS) has launched an Anti-Tobacco Poster Competition for students in Grades 1 to 6.
The competition comes against the background of the need to educate pre-teens about the harmful effects of smoking, as research indicates that most adult smokers began when they were preteens or teenagers.
Speaking at the launch of the competition at the Terra Nova on April 27, Michael Fraser, Vice Chairman of the JCS, said that the idea for the competition came about sometime ago, as the JCS was trying to make inroads in schools to engage students about the harmful effects associated with smoking.
“The competition is designed to get some thinking going in young minds about the harmful effects of smoking,” he said.
“The truth is that it is always easier to start than grapple with trying to quit the habit of smoking,” he added.
Imploring teachers to give active support and encouragement to participating students, Mr. Fraser also said that they should endeavour to stimulate creative thoughts as it related to the design of posters. “You should, however, let them do the drawing,” he reminded.
Partnering with the JCS in organising the competition is the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS).
Senior Executive of Marketing, Distribution and Representative Offices at the JNBS, Emile Spence, said that his organisation welcomed the opportunity to partner with the JCS in its drive to take the anti-tobacco message into schools. “We know that the Jamaica Cancer Society has been doing a tremendous job in this area and in promoting healthy and wholesome living,” he said.
“We are also pleased to be starting out with the nation’s children, our future, as the habits that are practised while young, will shape their future and ultimately, Jamaica’s future,” he continued.
Several of the schools that have expressed an interest in participating in the competition are also part of the JNBS School Saving Programme, where the habit of healthy saving from a young age is promoted extensively.
The competition is divided into three categories, which have separate themes. For Grades 1 and 2, participants are asked to a create posters depicting the theme, ‘Tobacco is Bad for Your Body’, while students in Grades 3 and 4, should create a poster reflecting the theme, ‘Tobacco Affects Other People’.
For students in Grades 5 and 6, posters should encapsulate the theme, ‘Why I Won’t Start Smoking’.Poster entries are to be submitted on 8

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