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The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is urging members of the public to utilise the police texting service for emergencies only.
Speaking with JIS News, Head of the JCF Control Centre, Superintendent Talbert White, pointed out that the messaging system, which has been in effect for the past four months, “is being used to send texts that are not of a police emergency”.
“What we find is that a lot of persons are sending text messages to congratulate us for something, instead of reporting crime-related matters,” the Superintendent said, adding that those emergency messages that are sent by text, are dealt with speedily.
He noted that the service is provided by Digicel at a cost of one dollar per text and could also be accessed by persons utilising telephone services of both Cable and Wireless and Miphone.
Citing the effectiveness of text messaging, Mr. White said the system was useful in preventing criminal activities, as persons use the medium to alert the police in the event that a crime was happening or if a motor vehicle accident has occurred.
Meanwhile, he pointed out that the 119 phone-in system averaged about 10,000 calls on a daily basis, which ranged from murder, fire and “generally, people trying to alert the police”.
For non-emergency cases, the Superintendent informed that persons could visit any of the JCF’s help desks for assistance.

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