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To promote greater appreciation of the country’s culture and art forms, the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), has introduced a monthly concert series, aptly called ‘An Evening at Louise’, in honour of cultural icon, Louise Bennett-Coverly (Miss Lou).
The concerts are scheduled for the last Sunday in each month of this year at the Louise Bennett Garden Theatre in Kingston, beginning with an evening of ‘pan and poetry’ this Sunday evening, March 28 at 6:00 pm.Speaking with JIS News, JCDC’s Events Co-ordinator, Hopeton Murray, said the idea was developed to facilitate the need for high quality entertainment at a fairly reasonable cost.
“We decided that in order to get greater community involvement in the area of the performing arts, we needed to ensure that we run these programmes at least once in each month,” he noted.
Mr. Murray told JIS News that this Sunday’s show would highlight Miss Lou’s contribution to Jamaican culture, as one of the best poets to emerge from the soil. In this way, Jamaicans would understand more, the significance of the theatre that was named in her honour, through the presentation of some of her well known poems.
“Starting with pan and poetry, we will focus on the art of combining steel pan music, art, and dub poetry for the interesting mix we are trying to bring across,” he said.
This Sunday’s patrons will be treated to soulful readings and a bellyful of laughs through poetry from top acts, including Joan Andrea Hutchinson, Owen ‘Blacka’ Ellis and Yasus Afari, while they revel in the sound of steel pans from the Christiana High School Steel Band and the Waterford High School Steel Band.
Mr. Murray told JIS News that the series would further serve as a means of encouraging young people to become more actively involved in the performing arts.
He pointed out that one of the major aims of the JCDC, was to unearth and develop talented locals into professionals fit for the world stage.
“We go around the ‘nook and cranny’ of Jamaica in search of persons in all art forms, to place them on the national and international stages, by training them to do quality performances,” he said.
Other themes for the remaining months of the year include music, dance, drumming, a focus on ‘Miss Lou’ during heritage week in October, gospel and ‘Christmas Jamaican Style’ in December. Admission is $100.

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