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More than 2,000 clients of the Jamaica National Small Business Loans Limited (JNSBL) are to benefit from a business management training programme, which will be facilitated by the Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC), between November 2006 and October 2007.
The training programme entitled ‘Managing Business Growth’, targets business owners who are clients of the JNSBL and have accessed loans under the ‘BIZ GROW’ and ‘BIZ START’ programmes.
Business Development Officer at the JBDC, Villet Kelly-Bennett told JIS News that the programme was aimed at introducing and exposing participants to key areas of business management necessary to achieve and manage business growth.
She added that JBDC “welcomes these opportunities to improve the competences and abilities of entrepreneurs, enabling them to manage their businesses for sustainable growth and development”.
The programme, she explained would allow participants “to become engaged in a number of stimulating exercises, which will help them to understand business terms and apply practical situations to the training material, thus creating the association with their businesses.”
She further pointed out that the programme consisted of four modules, which will be delivered within monthly periods in different regions islandwide. Approximately 200 participants will be trained each month.
The training areas include: Entrepreneurship; establishing business goals and objectives; creating strategies and managing business growth; financial management and legal requirements for operating a business in Jamaica.
A total of 937 clients have already been trained islandwide since the inception of the programme in May 2005.

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