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Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Michael Stern, has lauded the Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC) for its continued thrust to “facilitate the sustainable development of the micro and small enterprises in Jamaica.”
Speaking at the opening of the sixth Jamaica Business Information Centre (JAMBIC) on (Jan. 24) at Shop 93, Portmore Pines Plaza, Mr. Stern noted that through the JAMBIC project, operators of small and micro businesses will be able to access business-related solutions through a modern, user-friendly, interactive and cost-effective electronic facility.
“These services will help clients get current and comprehensive business information on a wide range of topics such as writing a business plan, starting a business, finding new markets and preparing for export,” he explained.
The State Minister added that the existence of the information centres would “reduce cost, bureaucratic delays and the relative complexity of dealing with various levels of government, by providing points of contact on a range of information on government services, programmes and business regulations.”
He expressed that the business information centre is very timely and supports the major government initiative designed to empower Jamaicans through small and micro enterprise development.
“This renewed focus,” he continued, “is in harmony with our recognition of the tremendous potential of small and micro enterprises to generate jobs, alleviate poverty, create wealth and grow the Jamaican economy.”
The overall aim of the JAMBIC project is to disseminate business information and training to enterprises, by establishing information centres across the island to improve business competitiveness. In addition, the project seeks to strengthen the ability of small entrepreneurs to access technical, business, marketing and financial services that will allow them to begin on a secure, financial and technological footing and to continuously upgrade their products and develop efficient linkages with markets.
Other JAMBIC facilities have been established at the JBDC’s head office on Camp Road; the Hanover Chamber of Commerce; Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce; Jamaica Employers’ Federation; and ‘The Source’ in August Town, which is a collaboration with the Jamaica National Building Society.

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