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President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Senator Norman Grant, has said that the JAS will be seeking to introduce green house technology on a widespread basis, as well as tunnel-ventilated poultry houses, for the protection of vegetables and poultry in times of natural disasters.
He told JIS News, that in the same way that countries in the North utilized technology to protect their animals and crops during snowstorms, countries in the Caribbean region must also prepare for hurricanes. According to the JAS President, these preparedness measures must include the use of greenhouse technology, in which vegetables are grown under a controlled environment, and tunnel ventilation, to protect poultry.
He revealed that the JAS, 14 months ago, brought in specialists from the United States and from England, to look at the widespread introduction of green house technology in Jamaica. “We also have it done by persons here, in Mandeville”, he informed.
Meanwhile, the Senator disclosed plans to convene a committee within the next few weeks, to do research into green house technology, inclusive of cost-benefit analysis. He noted that, this technology would not only secure vegetables during storms, but would also provide shade and protection under normal circumstances.
Turning to the building of the tunnel-ventilated houses, the JAS President said that while this was expensive, with each unit costing about $10 million, it made economic sense, “as it gives controlled conditions, increases productivity, and can withstand the onslaught of winds and rain associated with a category four hurricane”.
In fact, he said the use of the technology locally, had reduced losses during Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis and Emily.

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